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Once upon a time, you had a breakthrough idea - for a campaign, an organization or a new social enterprise. But your idea could only change the world if people knew about it.


So one day you emailed us.


Together we built the story of your idea through video, audio, multimedia or something new. And we made sure it reached the people who needed it most.

Consult and conspire.

We produce creative content and design impact strategies for campaigns, nonprofits, NGOs and social enterprises that want to change the world.


We're not just consultants - we are co-conspirators in the effort to build and tell stories for and with our clients.

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Sometimes video. Most times more.

Making great videos is a big part of what we do. But getting those videos in front of the right people takes a solid strategy, community building, and creative content production of all kinds. Check out some of the stories we helped our clients build below.

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Education is Power

Secondary schools charge as much as $400 for tuition in Kenya and Tanzania, countries where the average family income is only about $2 per day. 


Education is Power works to raise money to pay tuition for students who commit to giving back to their communities. But that's not all...

EIP works with Canadian students to help raise the funds. But rather than just contributing to helping students "over there," Canadians meet their East African peers via videochat.


Block by Block helped design an interactive project, in which students on both sides of the exchange took photos of their daily lives and shared them live during the chat.

Block by Block produced this video to make other schools aware of Education is Power's programs and fundraisers.

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Boreal Conservation

Canada's Boreal Forest is the largest intact forest left on Earth - a planet which has lost 80% of its old-growth forest.


Indigenous communities that call the forest home are leading efforts to conserve and protect the water, air, animals and cultural heritage threatened by large scale industrial development.


Yet many Canadians, and even more Earthlings, don't know anything about the Boreal or why it's so important to the health of the planet. That's where the social media channels for Boreal Conservation come in.

Block by Block designed a strategy to reach Canadian citizens, policymakers, and journalists through customized creative content. Through partnerships with organizations representing Indigenous Peoples, scientists, and outdoors enthusiasts, we build stories that make the case for large scale conservation.

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Mission-Driven Videos

As the internet becomes more crowded with content, especially videos, how do the ideas that really matter get through the noise? When you get people's attention, how do you make sure they understand your mission, your issues, and how they can take action to be a part of your movement?


That's what we cover in our presentation on making mission-driven videos. Even better, we show you how anyone - anyone! - can make a mission-driven that makes an impact.

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Front and Centered

The environmental movement needs to include the communities who are the first to be impacted by climate change and pollution. 

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People for Mobility Justice

(formerly Multicultural Communities for Mobility)

Low-income and immigrant communities use bicycles to get around and they deserve to have a say in how streets are designed to keep them safe.

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American Red Cross

How to get young Angelenos to take earthquake preparedness seriously? Be funny. The Magnitude is a five part comedy video series used to highlight important aspects of getting ready for the big one.


Jordan Melograna, Founder & CEO

Jordan has been producing and directing video and creative content for the past decade, with an emphasis on stories that advocate for human rights.
In collaboration with staff at Disability Rights Washington, Jordan launched Rooted in Rights, a first of its kind social media advocacy programs by and for people with disabilities.
Prior to that, Jordan led the short form documentary production team at Brave New Films, working on campaigns to curb mass incarceration, reform immigration, end war profiteering, and ensure fair wages. 
When not building innovative stories for his clients, he can be found exploring the Pacific Northwest's endless natural wonderland.

Videos produced by Jordan

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