Protection of Democracy Projects

Fighting for voting rights, civil rights, and equal protection under the law

We don’t all live in the same America. For some, voting is as easy as dropping their ballot in the mailbox; others have to stand in line for hours in order to be heard.


And while every American is promised the same civil rights, many historically excluded people still don’t live, work, or experience the justice system under equitable conditions.


The best way to protect democracy is to empower communities to organize and activate voters. In our projects, Block by Block supports those community-level groups that together can have national impact.

Movement Voter Project, People for Mobility Justice, and Protection & Advocacy agencies from fifteen states have collaborated with Block by Block Creative on protection of democracy initiatives.


The resulting video campaigns have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on social media. 

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Two men from Diné C.A.R.E., an AZ Native American group that works on conservation and voters’ rights, pose in the desert.


“BxB is a breath of fresh air. They have elevated accessibility & inclusion to a point where it is imbedded into their organizational operations and culture.

Our project was so much more efficient and impactful knowing that the team we were collaborating with understood not only why access and representation is so important, but could turn around and easily deliver the content we needed.” 

—Laura Marquez, Border Voices on Disability


the Stories Behind the Stories

Some of Block by Block Creative’s past voters’ rights projects

A look behind the scenes at how Block by Block works with clients to build stories that promote the protection of democracy, from the initial brainstorm until the day we share them with the world.

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