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Who are we?

Creatives and video production professionals from across the U.S. with a shared goal: to tell people-centered stories that inspire community members to get involved with local, regional, and international causes.

Whether we’re researching a project, writing a script, animating characters, translating work into Spanish, composing a tweet, booking an interview, recording audio description, or holding the camera, the Block by Block team wants the work we do together to get people excited about rights-based movements and contribute to global social change.

If you’re in the nonprofit or social enterprise sectors, you probably know that how you go about doing your work can be just as important as the end product. We share your point of view. It's all connected, it all matters, and it's all part of building these important stories, block by block.

Team members from Block by Block’s storytelling agency and accessible media production company.

Block by Block Creative’s story

Why our visual storytelling agency is also an accessible media production company

Why did Block by Block Creative’s CEO and Director, Jordan Melograna, found a visual storytelling agency specializing in accessible video content?

To start with, there’s a huge need for more accessible media. 48 million Americans are Deaf or hard of hearing, and 13% of adult Americans are blind or have some degree of vision loss. But there’s more to Block by Block’s story.


After a decade producing and directing videos that promoted human rights and several years in film and television in Los Angeles, Jordan led the short-form documentary production team at Brave New Films, producing hundreds of videos in support of advocacy campaigns. 


Then, in collaboration with staff at Disability Rights Washington in Seattle, Jordan launched Rooted in Rights, a first-of-its-kind social media advocacy program by and for people with disabilities. 


Through these projects, two things became very clear:

Video is an incredibly effective tool for maximizing engagement with causes, especially when an issue isn’t getting covered by the media or a new movement needs to bring untold stories to the forefront.


2. Very few video and social media campaigns are designed to be fully accessible to people with disabilities and non-English speakers, while more than 90% of websites fail to comply with the accessibility guidelines set by the World Wide Web consortium (W3C). That means that most organizations are failing to reach large swathes of their stakeholders.


Jordan started Block by Block Creative to give nonprofits and campaigns the ability to get the full power of video working on your behalf, through accessible storytelling campaigns that can be experienced by all audiences. 

Video production solutions 
that help you advocate, educate & fundraise

When you work with Block by Block Creative, you don’t just gain access to a national network of video production pros. Drawing on years of experience in the disability rights, conservation, justice reform, and voting rights sectors, we bring the full force of our team’s issue-area expertise to your cause.


To capture your organization’s story, Block by Block can go on location, work alongside your staff, and more — always working in partnership with the constituents and stakeholders you serve.

Meet the core members of our team:

Annalisa Mickelson

annalisa mickelson

Production Coordinator, Greensboro, NC


I coordinate daily production and operations at Block by Block, working with you and our staff to ensure that the entire production process for each project is smooth and efficient.


I come from a performing arts background and have previously worked as a general manager and producer for Symphony Space NYC, Blue Man Group, Seeing You, and various Broadway and Off-Broadway productions.

annalisa.mickelson [at] blockbyblockcreative.com

Ash Shepard

ash shepard

Graphic Designer,

Atlanta, GA


I design logos and graphics for Block by Block and our clients. I take your ideas and turn them into pieces of art that show the world who you are and the story you’re telling.

I am a Production Artist at CreativeDrive and have also created branding, print and digital media designs for an array of clients, such as Block by Block Creative, SmartJob, LLC, and DJ Geexella.


Catrina Melograna

catrina melograna


Seattle, WA


I'm Block by Block's co-owner and resident space policy expert. A lawyer by training, I’m excited for our team to tell stories about the next giant leaps in space!

I have been a lawyer since 2011 and entered the space sector several years ago. I have a JD from Duquesne University and an LLM in Air and Space Law Cum Laude from Leiden University.

I am also an International Space University alum.


catrina [at] blockbyblockcreative.com

Courtney Cole

Courtney cole

Accessibility Coordinator, Seattle, WA


I write scripts and implement audio descriptions for your videos, to make sure that everyone can experience the media we make together. I work as a production assistant at Rooted in Rights, participating in the production of social media videos focused on the rights of people with disabilities.


Asa person with a vision disability, I’m especially passionate about making Block by Block’s videos as accessible as possible for all audience members.

courtney.cole [at] blockbyblockcreative.com

Dan Wood


Translation and Interpretation Services, Tacoma, WA


I translate our videos to make sure they are accessible not just for disabled people, but for Spanish speaking people too. I make sure nothing in the video is lost in translation, from technical phrases to puns.

I have translated documents, scripts, and subtitles for a number of nonprofit organizations, including Block by Block Creative and Goodpoint Creative.

danielcodywood [at] gmail.com

Doris Torres

Doris torres

Video Editor

Ellensburg, WA


From an idea in your head to the screen in front of you, I make your story come to life. I take clips, samples, and sounds and turn them into the building blocks that become your organization's story.

I have built community through storytelling, marketing, and outreach in higher education for Central Washington University and the University of Washington.

dtorres431 [at] gmail.com

Jordan Melograna

Jordan melograna

CEO & Director, Creative Production, Washington, DC


From leading the creative direction for each project to building the team who makes that vision a reality, I oversee our work and collaborate with you from project kickoff to final deliverable.

I have organized and led documentary and video production teams for Brave New Films, Rooted in Rights, and others. I'm also on the faculty of the University of Washington's Communication Leadership department.

jordan [at] blockbyblockcreative.com

Kayla BxB Headshot.jpg

Kayla fisher

Post-Production Assistant 



I make sure everything goes smoothly after filming is over, taking what we shot and using it as building blocks to construct your story.

A media enthusiast who has worn many hats across television, radio & video production, I am most passionate about creative content that drives meaningful social change. In addition to my role at Block by Block, I am also a producer for "Look, Listen and Learn," a Seattle-based children's show rooted in racial equity and diverse media representation.

kayla.fisher [at] blockbyblockcreative.com

Kyle Khachadurian


Social Media Assistant

Seattle, WA


I showcase the powerful work of the mission-driven organizations we collaborate with and make sure your message reaches your people.

I work at The Arc of King County as well as BxB, writing action alerts to help individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities know their rights. A digital communications pro with many years of nonprofit experience, I've worked for United Cerebral Palsy and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. I co-host a disability-themed podcast called "The Accessible Stall."

kyle.khachadurian [at] blockbyblockcreative.com

Block by Block works all over North America (and occasionally beyond), with a roster of fantastic collaborators, who bring skills, experience and knowledge we need to get a job done on individual projects.

Meet our collaborator corps
Carla Johnson

carla johnson

Voice Actor

Vancouver, BC

In addition to voicing characters in Block by Block's animated explainers, I narrate and provide audio descriptions for your videos.


I have been a voice actor for many small and large companies, recently including Zendesk, Diamondback Bikes, and Michelin.

carla [at] carlajovo.com

Cuquis Robledo

cuquis robledo

Script Writing, Videography

Houston, TX


I write and film advocacy videos for your organizations, using my multimedia storytelling ability to tell authentic, engaging stories.

Currently a candidate for an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I hope to use my videography skills as a form of therapy and empowerment for my future clients.


Edgar Hernandez

edgar hernandez

Voice Actor

Las Vegas, NV


My voice tells your story and provides the information you want your audience to know, in English, o en Español.

A full-time firefighter and paramedic with the City of Las Vegas, I've done voiceover work for Block by Block Creative, ACX, and Findaway Voices. Trained through the Voice Actors Studio here in Las Vegas, most of my voice work comes in the form of audiobook narration.

edgarsvoiceovereasy [at] gmail.com

Elizabeth Vega

elizabeth vega

Sign Language Interpreter, NAD V, CI & CT, SC:L, Austin, TX


I translate your video's narration and dialogue into ASL, so that every viewer can understand your message. 

Frequently partnered with Deaf interpreters, I’ve been connecting minds to change the world for more than 30 years.


This work includes stage, film & TV, national conferences, and courtrooms across the United States.

elizabethjrvega [at] gmail.com

Esther Fass.jpg

esther fass

M.A., CDI (Certified Deaf Interpreter), Riverside, CA


I translate and interpret your videos for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard-of-Hearing audiences.


A native ASL user, I've worked in a wide range of assignments, from postsecondary to courtrooms as well as at the national level.


Bringing a deaf-centered perspective is at the core of my work.

esthermfass [at] gmail.com

Jessica Wachuku

jessica wachuku

Director, Camera Op, Video Editor, Greater Philadelphia, PA


I direct and film your fundraising and advocacy videos, web series and short-form content.

I'm a visual creator with a focus on making stylized content for companies and individuals who aspire to enlighten their audiences.


You can see my work at www.jessiechrisfilms.com.

wachuku [at] gmail.com

Peter Rand


Producer, Motion Designer 
Greater Seattle, WA


I specialize in creating accessible, animated explainers for your organization that connect your constituents with the services, resources, and information they need.

peter [at] goodpointcreative.com

Melanie Ho


Video Editor

Jacksonville, FL


I tell your organization's story through original and archival footage, audio, and graphics, helping audiences to genuinely connect with your work.


I’ve edited short and long-form video content for a range of audiences, including Condé Nast, Business Insider, and nonprofit organizations in Canada.

meldangho [at] gmail.com

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