Amplifying the Voices Protecting the Boreal Forest

Boreal Conservation

Northern lights over the Boreal Forest create a stunning, mysterious blue and green skyline.

The International Boreal Conservation Campaign collaborates with government organizations, business groups, environmental organizations, and First Nations.

Together, they work to conserve and protect Canada’s Boreal Forest, the largest remaining intact forest in the world, which is no small task.

Yet, until 2018, they had no social media presence and lacked a way to reach specific audiences with new digital tools. That’s when our partnership began.

Block by Block helped Boreal Conservation social channels rise from zero to over 100,000 followers in just over a year.

And behind the numbers was a strategic creative plan.

Block by Block developed the strategy, helped the campaign build an internal team of digital communicators, and executed a content production plan that included everything from Instagrammable 60-second videos to short documentaries.

The north star for our plan was to highlight the Indigenous-led conservation initiatives to make them mainstream and well-funded across Canada.

This meant jumping into a dogsled with a camera in -40 degree weather to capture a story.

It meant working with Indigenous filmmakers and photographers and finding the best ways to get their work in front of as many people as possible via social media.

And it has meant training Indigenous digital storytellers so the communities we aim to serve have the capacity and technology to tell their own stories — the most compelling way to inspire others into action.

To date, Boreal Conservation has over 1 million video views and their social media regularly reaches tens of thousands of Canadians each week.

And more importantly, we have helped the campaign communicate the story of Indigenous-led conservation initiatives as they have expanded from Newfoundland to Northwest Territories.

Audio Described version of this video at this link.

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