Quickly Adapting to the COVID-19 Era

International Space University

Poster advertising ISU's 2020 Interactive Space Program, with caption, "Practice working in space from your living room" superimposed over an orange planet.

The International Space University (ISU)’s mission is to develop future leaders to be part of the world space community.

Through their "3 I's" philosophy - Interdisciplinary, International, and Intercultural - they are showing students from varying backgrounds all over the world that it's not just astronauts or engineers who are needed in space - there’s space for everyone.

Every summer, ISU holds its intense two-month Space Studies program, which is designed for post-graduates from any discipline or professionals with any background who want to pursue a career in the space sector.

Because the program is taught in a different country each year and with hundreds of students and space professionals convening in one place, it's no surprise that the program takes a year to plan. In 2020, the program was going to take place in China.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that broke out in late winter, the ISU faculty had to make some big decisions very quickly for the Space Studies program to still go forward.

Instead of cancelling altogether, they decided to transfer the program from in-person to online.

With only a month before the deadline for applications, Block by Block worked with ISU to create a marketing campaign announcing their new online summer program.

Within a week, we created the short promotional video for the new Interactive Space Program and gathered stories from several alumni from around the globe to help promote the program in the future.

The promo video became ISU’s most watched video on social media, and helped them gather applications from students and professionals all around the world.

The Interactive Space Program met their enrollment and launched as planned.

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