Raising Issues While Raising Money

Redwood City Education Foundation

Two students work on a robotics-related project.

Fundraising is often key for organizations who want to change the world. So like many other organizations, the Redwood City Education Foundation holds a fundraising gala each year.

Making an emotional impact on donors is key to a successful fundraiser, and showing a video has been a major part of the program.

A video like this is tricky — telling authentic stories of people living in the community and the barriers they face accessing the public education they deserve while steering away from a sob story. Students don't deserve pity, and donors need a better frame.

We want donors investing in students, rooting for them, and understanding the issues.

Their donations are helping to change the inequitable system that makes their donations necessary in the first place. That kind of fundraising video raises money while it raises issues. And it’s a big part of the Block by Block approach.

In collaboration with teachers, administrators, and students, Block by Block developed a video that highlighted Redwood City’s unique position in Silicon Valley.

Students in Redwood City do not necessarily see themselves reflected in the workforce of the glittering tech companies mere blocks from their school. And donors can bridge this divide.

Our goal was to provide Redwood City Education Foundation with the most compelling video for their upcoming gala.

But we also wanted to give them an asset that would help them communicate the larger systemic issues their organization is working to change and the solution they're providing - including community schooling, STEM programs, and ongoing teacher training.

The result was two videos — a short version for social media and a longer version best used for a captive audience, like gala attendees.

Check out the shorter video below. And, the next time you need a fundraising video, you know where to look.

We’ll build a story that speaks directly to your donors while also conveying how your work impacts a systemic issue on a national or global scale. Join us for a free brainstorm to learn more.

And if you want to take a deeper dive into Redwood City Educational Foundation’s important work, take a peek at the 8-minute version here: