Vote for Access

Rooted in Rights and 14 other Protection and Advocacy Agencies

If Americans with disabilities voted at the same rate as non-disabled Americans, more than 2 million more votes would have been cast in the 2018 election.

The new video series “Vote for Access" examines why there are still barriers to voting for disabled citizens and what we can do to improve accessibility in voting.

Block by Block proposed the production as a collaborative effort between allied disability rights organizations in several states.

By combining expertise and sharing the costs, the coalition could produce and distribute a more robust series and reach more people than any organization could on their own.

Block by Block recruited 15 Protection and Advocacy Agencies (P&A) and partnered with Rooted in Rights, a team of disabled video producers, editors, and digital organizers to produce the series.

Imani Barbarin, a disabled activist and writer, hosted the series, and was joined by disabled voters, poll workers and policy experts from across the country via remote interviews.

We coordinated the launch of the series in a multi-platform release over social media across 15 states.

The series has garnered over a quarter of a million views so far, jumpstarting the national conversation about making elections more accessible.

But that’s not the only outcome from this collaboration. Because we were able to coordinate P&As from Florida to Alaska, we accumulated input and expertise from many different perspectives and found interviewees across a diversity of disability, race, class, and gender.

The feedback sessions also became a way for advocates in different states to share ideas about how to improve elections locally.

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