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Telling science stories that create positive change in the world

For many, understanding science and discovering the mysteries of the universe is seen as something that only people in labs or observatories can do (or care about).


But science is for everybody — and understanding the science behind real-life events can help people make decisions about their world.


For example, if you understand boreal bird migrations, you can see how protecting local wetlands can make an entire hemisphere healthier. If you’re aware of the technological advances offered by outer space industry activities, you can bring low-cost, high-speed Wi-Fi to low-income areas. And if you understand how vaccines are developed and how masks work, you’re able to spread the word to your friends and family, safeguarding your community’s health.


Block by Block has told all these stories and more for a range of ecology, health equity, and space organizations, including the International Space University, the International Boreal Conservation Campaign, Restart Partners, and the University of Washington.

ISU logo
Boreal Conservation logo
Restart Partners logo
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BxB’s Wear a Mask campaign for Restart Partners used unifying branding and design motifs across ads in multiple languages.


“BxB excels at strategy and creative production. They’re collaborative, reliable and thrive in tackling multiple aspects of a project from design, video production, and copywriting. They also work with multiple stakeholders to drive consensus and deliver a superbly executed project."

—Arif Göktuğ Karacalıoğlu, Director SSP/SHSSP/ISP, International Space University


the Stories Behind the Stories

Some of Block by Block Creative’s past branding and design projects for science organizations

A look behind the scenes at how Block by Block works with clients to build stories about health, ecology, and outer space, from the initial brainstorm until the day we share them with the world.

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