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Building human-centered space sector stories that create positive change for people here on Earth

Many people think that understanding space and discovering the mysteries of the universe are activities that only people in labs or observatories can do (or care about).


But science is for everybody — and we can help the public understand how space exploration and space technology are fighting climate change, decreasing food scarcity, and creating jobs.


For example, new space tech is bringing low-cost, high-speed internet to underserved and remote areas. Satellites are being used to map carbon emissions and assist in precision farming, which increases crop yields and feeds more people.

Conveying that space technology is making the world a better place is vital for organizations seeking funding or buy-in from governments.


So that's why storytelling is so important — to help people understand space, get excited, and get involved.


Block by Block has created video-powered social media campaigns and animated explainers for a range of science-focused nonprofits, NGOs, and social enterprises, including the International Space University, the International Boreal Conservation Campaign, Restart Partners, SmartJob, LLC, and the University of Washington.

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stories we can help you build


"When COVID required us to develop a brand-new Interactive Space Program, our promotional campaign designed by BxB brought us 90 professionals from 40 countries." 

—Arif Göktuğ Karacalıoğlu, Director SSP/SHSSP/ISP, International Space University


the Stories Behind the Stories

Some of Block by Block Creative’s past branding and design projects for science organizations

A look behind the scenes at how Block by Block works with clients to build stories about space and other science topics, from the initial brainstorm until the day we share them with the world.

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