If people with disabilities voted at the same rate as non-disabled voters, 2 million more votes would be cast. What is getting in the way of disabled voters exercising their rights?


That's what host Imani Barbarin uncovers in Vote for Access, a five-part series addressing the problems with voting for people with disabilities, and some solutions that everyone should know about. For transcripts of these videos, click here or see below for download links for both English and Spanish.


Our goal is to push for better resources, funding, and awareness to improve accessibility and outreach for disabled voters. For more information, comments or questions, send us an email at voteforaccess@blockbyblockcreative.com.



Help create more accessible elections — share Vote for Access with your community. All episodes available now. 

Imani Barbarin


A graduate of Eastern University with a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in French from the Sorbonne, Imani Barbarin writes from the perspective of a black woman with Cerebral Palsy. She specializes in blogging, science fiction and memoir. Ironically, she did not like the idea of writing this mini-bio.

Imani smiles at the camera as she's filmed for Vote For Access. A woman is seen shooting the video from this over the shouler photo



The National Disability Rights Network's Statement on Elections Accessibility during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Get connected with the National Disability Rights Network and find your local Protection & Advocacy agency


The National Disability Rights Network's guide for P&A agencies to advocate for accessible implementation of pro-voter reforms at the state level


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Protection & Advocacy (P&A) agencies in fifteen states worked together to create the Vote for Access series. Sharing expertise from around the country allowed us to investigate issues important to people with disabilities in a variety of communities.

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