The Block by Block video production team is shown working with the King County Department of Public Defense at a courthouse.

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Our video production & digital teams spotlight your nonprofit’s impact

Using video, web design, and social media, Block by Block Creative has created visually driven storytelling campaigns for nonprofits and campaigns across the U.S. and Canada. 


We frequently work with organizations that focus on disability rights, conservation, democracy protection, and criminal justice reform, but that’s not all Block by Block can do.

Block by Block’s biggest asset is our team’s ability to quickly and deeply learn about niche issues. With documentarian-style curiosity and passion, we tell stories that sway public opinion and inspire new audiences to support your mission.

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At every level of the U.S. criminal justice system, reform is needed.

Block by Block works with those closest to the problems, such as the
Vera Institute of Justice, the King County Department of Public Defense, and the Northwest Community Bail Fund.

Movement Voter Project in Arizona

Democracy isn’t democracy unless everyone is included.

Block by Block has produced voter advocacy and election accessibility videos for
Movement Voter Project and Protection & Advocacy agencies from fifteen states.

Be a Hero Action Fund, Scott's Story Thumbnail

1 in 4 Americans has a disability, yet social stigma and entrenched institutional discrimination bar millions of disabled people in the U.S. from experiencing equal rights and opportunities.

Block by Block’s storytelling campaigns for Ady Barkan’s
Be a Hero, Border Voices on Disability, and others have attracted thousands of views.

Polar bear shot for Boreal Conservation

When policymakers work to fight climate change and protect land, they often fail to include the voices, knowledge, and rights of Indigenous people. Block by Block works for organizations acting to change the conservation mindset, such as the International Boreal Conservation Campaign, Indigenous Leadership Initiative, Conservation Northwest, and Land Needs Guardians.

Video promo for the International Space University

The sciences should benefit and be open to everyone: innovators from the Global South, women and minorities, and blue-collar workers.


Block by Block works with clients that hold this vision, such as the International Space University and the University of Washington.

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Working on an issue that we haven’t mentioned yet? Get in touch!


Block by Block has successfully adapted our approach for a range of organizations, including Restart Partners, Redwood City Education Foundation, and SmartJob, LLC.

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