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We don't just tell stories, we build them.

When the right stories reach the right audiences, magic can happen. It can lead to important policy changes or raise funds for vital community initiatives. Stories can help unwind prejudices and fight stigma. Stories can help elevate the unknown, forgotten, and overlooked issues that society needs to tackle.

A group of people posing for a selfie standing in front of a house. A man in the group is holding a camera.

These outcomes are why we do this work. But how we do the work is just as important. Here are some things we believe:


We work to ensure all project stakeholders' needs are included, especially the people at the center of the story.


We design our videos and creative products to reach as many people as possible, working to remove barriers experienced by people with disabilities or those for whom English is not their first language.


We create narratives that do not perpetuate harmful stereotypes, and we respect and honor the humanity of all the people portrayed in our stories.

Cultural Competency

Our team draws on a wide variety of perspectives, life experiences, and professional backgrounds, but we don't know everything. We keep an open mind to other points of view and do our homework when working on new issues.

Our efforts to forge relationships with clients, consituents, communities, and audiences are all part of our process - it's what we mean by building stories, block by block.

Meet The Team

Jordan Melograna

CEO & Creative Director

Alexandria, VA


Kayla BxB Headshot.jpg

Kayla Fisher

Post-Production Coordinator

Seattle, WA



Kyle Khachadurian

Multimedia Specialist

Washington, DC



Ash Shepard

Graphic Designer

Atlanta, GA



Dan Wood

Translation and Interpretation Services

Tacoma, WA


Esther Fass_edited.jpeg

Esther Fass

ASL Team

Riverside, CA



Christa Hillstrom

Story Producer

Bremerton, WA


Hannah Seaman Headshot.png

Hannah Seaman

Lead Editor and Motion Designer

Tucson, AZ



Elizabeth Vega

ASL Team

Austin, TX


Our Clients

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