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From compelling videos that motivate people into action to in-depth communication strategies that synthesize your organization’s advocacy work, we offer a broad range of creative services. We work exclusively with mission-driven organizations and provide a tailored experience to each and every one of our partners.

That’s what you get when you partner with us.

Wondering Who You get?

Strategists, creatives, and co-conspirators who give a damn about human rights, our planet, and producing compelling work for issues that matter. We’re a passionate bunch with diverse world views, sharp creative skills, and broad perspectives.

Meet the core members of our team:

I organize all the elements needed to edit and finalize videos. I also help maintain the editing workflow and technology environment so that everyone involved has what they need when they need it.



Assistant, Post Production

Amanda Kim

CAtrina Melograna

Director, Legal & Business Affairs

I confirm that the business decisions we make today set us up for success tomorrow. I’m a lawyer by training and an artist by choice—in this role, I leverage both sides of my creativity.


From visualizing the creative direction for each project to building the team who makes that vision a reality, I oversee our portfolio of work and collaborate with our partners from project kickoff to final deliverable.


CEO & Director, Creative Production

Jordan Melograna

Khristine Cancio

Assistant, Creative Production & Operations

I bring fresh ideas to clients’ messaging strategies and keep the Block by Block team organized—from scheduling kick-off meetings to coordinating video shoots, I’m a wearer of many hats.


Kyle KHachadurian

Assistant, Social Media

I make sure you—our partners and friends—are up-to-date on all the cool things we’re doing. I showcase the powerful work of the mission-driven organizations we collaborate with and always make sure our message reaches our people.


Now that you know us,

we want to know you.

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If you're ready to build your story, or even if you're just ready to start thinking about maybe possibly planning to someday build your story, Block by Block is an email away. We'll get back to you right away to schedule a free brainstorm consultation.