Who are we?

Strategists, creatives, and co-conspirators who give a damn about human rights, our planet, and producing compelling work for issues that matter. We’re a passionate bunch with diverse world views, sharp creative skills, and broad perspectives.

Meet the core members of our team:

CAtrina Melograna


I confirm that the business decisions we make today set us up for success tomorrow. I’m a lawyer by training and an artist by choice—in this role, I leverage both sides of my creativity.


From visualizing the creative direction for each project to building the team who makes that vision a reality, I oversee our portfolio of work and collaborate with our partners from project kickoff to final deliverable.


CEO & Director, Creative Production

Jordan Melograna


Production Coordinator

I coordinate daily production and operations at Block by Block and work with our staff and partners to ensure that the entire production process for each project is smooth and efficient.


Kyle KHachadurian

Assistant, Social Media

I make sure you—our partners and friends—are up-to-date on all the cool things we’re doing. I showcase the powerful work of the mission-driven organizations we collaborate with and always make sure our message reaches our people.


Matt is a seasoned video editor and motion designer with a passion for mini-docs, commercials, and educational content.


Video Editor, Motion Designer

Matt Hemmerich

We work all over North America (and occasionally beyond), with a roster of fantastic collaborators, who bring skills, experience and knowledge we need to get a job done on individual projects.

Meet our collaborator corps

Jessica is a visual creator specializing in creating stylized content for companies & individuals who aspire to enlighten their audience. Check out her work at www.jessiechrisfilms.com.


Director, Camera Operator, Video Editor

Greater Philadelphia, PA

Jessica Wachuku

Peter specializes in creating accessible, animated explainers that connect people with the services, resources and information they need. 


Producer, Motion Designer

Greater Seattle, WA


Voice Actor

Las Vegas, NV


Edgar is a full time Firefighter and Paramedic with the city of Las Vegas. On his days off he works on narrating audiobooks, co-hosting his podcast, and other voice acting projects. 


Script Writing, Videography 

Houston, TX

Cuquis Robledo

Cuquis uses her passion for script writing and videography to promote advocacy work. She is currently a candidate for an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and hopes to use her videography skills as a form of therapy and empowerment for her future clients.


Carla is a drama geek that grew up to be a voice actor. She works with huge variety of clients on everything from commercials to explainer videos to eLearning courses. Hear samples at www.carlajovo.com or send her an email to get a free custom audition. 


Voice Actor

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Carla Johnson

Dan is an experienced translator and interpreter specializing in the Spanish and Catalan languages.


Translation and Interpretation Services

Greater Seattle, WA


Audio Description Services

Greater Seattle, WA

Courtney COLE

Courtney has a passion for accessible videos that make an impact. By implementing Audio Description in Block by Block videos, she works to make sure that all audience members can experience the media we make.


Graphic Designer

Jacksonville, FL

Ash Shepard

Ash is a Graphic Designer with a passion for brand design, print design and digital media. She is a visionary that has the ability to create intriguing designs based on her clients needs.


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