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Stories for everyone

We build accessibility into the creative process.

Not everyone consumes content the same way, so we have to build stories with accessibility in mind. See some of the features we offer below.

Screenshot of one of our videos showcasing both ASL and Spanish subtitles.
Closed Caption icon


Every video we make comes with captions in the language that is spoken - free of charge. This ensures accessibility for anyone who cannot hear the soundtrack. And that's not all - more than 80% of online videos are viewed with the sound off, meaning that captions can benefit everyone.

Audio Description icon

Audio Description

Making video content accessible for blind and low vision audiences means adding audio description - where visual information is spoken aloud by a narrator. We have pioneered methods for integrating this feature in short form videos, and can apply to any story that comes our way.

Icons showing ES and FR for Spanish and French.

Translation & Subtitles

Translations and subtitles are offered in Spanish and French, and we partner with others to develop translation systems for languages with fewer speakers, like many Indigenous languages in North America.

Sign language icon

Sign Language

ASL translation and interpretation are done in-house. And we can add ASL picture-in-picture to any video, regardless of platform. Need interpretation in another sign language besides ASL?  We can help with that, too.

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Free brainstorm

If you're ready to build your story, or want to kick around some ideas, let us know! We'll get back to you right away to schedule a free brainstorm consultation.​

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