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Using film to advance causes.

Stories are more powerful when we experience them together. We build documentary-style films that can anchor screening events online or off. These stories bring people into conversation, amplifying your impact, and activating audience members.

Nįjâ hots’î hidlį Sheth nai ai des nethe bekeiłni ha

We are Made from the Land: Protecting the Seal River Watershed

Dene and Cree peoples have had a relationship with the Seal River Watershed since time immemorial. We Are Made from the Land tells the story of our work to care for the watershed, heal from the trauma of relocation, and ensure these lands will sustain our communities far into the future.

Disability during a pandemic

Covid-19 has shown us new ways to address old problems - from remote accessibility to critical shortages of home care workers.

Will we listen to these lessons? 

Dene K'éh Kusān
Always Will Be There

This short documentary was created to help the Kaska Dena people in their work to protect a massive area within their traditional territory, known as Dene K'éh Kusān. Establishing an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area will help the Kaska Dena preserve and continue their culture, language, and their relationship to land that has existed for thousands of years. By protecting one of the most abundant areas of North America, they are helping fight the worldwide crisis of biodiversity loss.

Hà t_átgi hà khustìyxh sìti 
Our Land is Our Future

We followed the Land Guardians of the Taku River Tlingit First Nation on the land in their traditional territory. They share space with grizzly bears to monitor the health of salmon runs in the face of climate change. They test nearby waterways for the impacts of active and abandoned mines. And they bring this information back to the community to inform conservation decisions. See how they are working to create the Tlatsini Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area.

more than
a film - a campaign.

Organizations come to us for films, but they get so much more. We can create quick social media videos using the same material, so you can reach your audiences on different platforms, even before the main film is complete. Need some photographs for your website or publication? We can handle that, too. We build it all together, so you can harness the creative material in a multitude of ways.

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If you're ready to build your story, or want to kick around some ideas, let us know! We'll get back to you right away to schedule a free brainstorm consultation.​

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